salem tamzin merchant mary hale janet montgomery mary sibley 'Salem' is so scary Tamzin Merchant spooks herself sometimesWGN’s new supernatural series about the Salem witch trials, “Salem,” is so spooky that even the stars get scared while filming it. Tamzin Merchat says that she’s a wimp about horror in the first place, but she does freak herself out on set sometimes.

“I’m a wimp, generally, so I have scared myself on occasion on set,” she admits to Zap2it on a March visit to the show’s Louisiana set.

Xander Berkeley, who plays the town magistrate father of Merchant’s character, doesn’t have as much of a problem with that, though. “It’s wild because of course when you’re doing things you’re aware of all the sticks and stones that are involved constructing the illusion. You’re going through it and you’re trying to let it inhabit you as much as you can, but all the technical things you’re doing take you out of it.”

But once he watched it, Berkeley was convinced. “Then you see the finished product — we were all gobsmacked at the end. We were just like, ‘Holy cow, this really is terrifying and disturbing and hot and everything you could ever hope a TV show to be.'”

Speaking of hot, Merchant’s character is a nice puritan girl — but she has aspirations otherwise. “There’s definitely a sort of throbbing heart underneath her corset and she does have some pretty wild and crazy dreams in which John Alden features,” Merchant says of Shane West’s grizzled hero. “She’s definitely not as prim as her mother would like you to think she is.”

“Salem” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on WGN America.

Posted by:Jean Bentley