elise eberle salem season 2 premire wgn america 'Salem's' Season 2 premiere proves Mercy Lewis has officially gone off the deep end
Heaven have mercy on “Salem,” Mercy Lewis has officially flown off the broomstick handle.

During Sunday’s (April 5) Season 2 premiere of WGN America’s “Salem,” fans were quickly reminded that no one is ever really the true ruler of the town and that the power shifts from hand to hand within mere seconds.

For instance, based on every single thing that came out of Mercy’s (Elise Eberle) mouth and every crazy thing she did throughout the episode, Mercy is going to be one of Mary Sibley’s (Janet Montgomery) biggest threats this season. As she matter-of-factly tells Mary in one of the opening scenes, “Sometimes the best revenge is revenge.”

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Mercy is obviously still bitter about the fact that Mary stabbed all of her friends in the back. But instead of crying about it, she’s acting like the unbridled witch she is and threatening people left and right. She wants to be just as powerful as Mary, and she’ll do anything she can to get there.

And although it would be easy to brush Mercy off and just say she’s a young witch who is no match for Mary, the truth is, she is scary. Because, honestly, anyone who decides to lure a man into the forest and cut off his penis and replace it with a crow’s head is not a stable person. 
Add on the fact that Mercy got her cult of young witches in white to flat-out murder the elder witches, and Mercy might just be capable of anything. Mary might have an endless number of threats coming at her this season, but Mercy should not be written off just because of her age. She’s legitimately bonkers and ruthless, and that’s never a good mix.
“Salem” airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on WGN America.

Posted by:Casey Rackham