On Tuesday (Nov. 25) WGN America released a seriously creepy and chilling teaser trailer for Season 2 of “Salem.”

In the above video, Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) — you know, Salem’s ruthless enchantress — is seen sitting on a throne while she overlooks what appears to be a forest littered with dead bodies. While she stares out into the sea of corpses (covered in a haunting mist, naturally), her son walks up behind her and licks her face — yes, licks her face. Then, with the most villainous gleam in her eye, she declares war — more specifically, a Witch War.

“Salem” — which centers on the well-known 17th century witch trials in Massachusetts — left off at the end of Season 1 with Capt. John Alden (Shane West) — who is romantically entangled with Mary — on the brink of death only to be (maybe?) saved by the Indians. Based on what the show’s executive producer, Brannon Braga, told Zap2it after the Season 1 Finale, it looks like he’s going to make a recovery.

“It’s safe to say that John’s life hangs in the balance, his love hangs in the balance and coming back to Salem will not be an easy task,” said Braga. “What interest would the Indians even have in John? What is it about John that they’ve now saved him twice? So there’s a mystery that we’re going to explore out in those woods.”

And even though Season 2 is set to follow the new Witch War and Mary’s mission to control the citizens of Salem and John, there is still going to be a focus on John and Mary’s turbulent relationship.

“Season 2 will be the complete transformation that occurs — there are new stakes, emotionally, in that relationship,” said Braga. “It’ll be supercharged.”

“Salem” also stars Seth Gabel (“Fringe”) as Cotton Mather, Ashley Madekwe (“Revenge”) as Tituba and Tamzin Merchant (“Jane Eyre”) as Anne Hale. 

Season 2 of “Salem” comes to WGN America (which like Zap2it is part of Tribune Media) in April 2015.
Posted by:Casey Rackham