ashley madekwe salem tituba wgn america 'Salem' star Ashley Madekwe loves 'The Craft's' witchy schoolgirl fashionWGN America’s spooky new series, “Salem,” doesn’t premiere until April. Since that’s way too long to wait to get our fill of the series’ supernatural take on the Salem witch trials, Zap2it decided to get you — and the stars — excited for the debut by subjecting them to our “Salem” Survey.

Up next is Ashley Madekwe, who plays mysterious witch Tituba on the new drama, premiering Sunday, April 20 at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT.
Read on to find out why she loves “The Craft” (spoiler: the awesome fashion), what spell she would like to cast and why she’d bring her cat with her to a deserted island.

Zap2it: Describe your character in 5 words.

Madekwe: Enigmatic, ageless, manipulative, artful & shrewd.

What three items would you take with you to a deserted island (or puritanical Salem)?

1. My cat, so I don’t get lonely. Every witch needs her familiar. 2. A big knife. You know, for hunting and stuff (you can tell I have no idea what I’m talking about). 3. A huge blanket. I don’t like to be cold and even desert islands get chilly at night.

Could you have survived in the 1690s?

I’m a tenacious little thing, so probably. However I much prefer living now. I like TV on demand and Cheetos.

Which witch is which? Name the book/TV show/movie/play each witch is from. No cheating!

Glinda the Good Witch:
“The Wizard of Oz”

Hermione Granger: “Harry Potter”

Bonnie Bennett: ?

Fiona Goode: “Coven”

Sabrina Spellman: “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch”

Endora: “Bewitched”

The White Witch: “The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe”

Willow Rosenberg: ?

Pick one: “The Witches of Eastwick,” “The Craft,” or “Practical Magic”

“The Craft” because those witchy school girl outfits were everything. “I bind you Nancy”!

If you could cast any spell, what would it be?

A truth spell, so I can catch people in lies. 

Would you be a good witch or a bad witch?

Bad to the bone 😉

What’s the most surprising true fact you learned about the actual Salem witch trials?

Tituba was the first to confess to witchcraft but she was never tried or executed…. Suspicious, no? 

What’s the most challenging thing about starring in a show that’s both genre and period?
Honouring the period is important but you also want to create a show that’s interesting and in our case genuinely scary. We have to delicately walk the line between both genre and period. Hopefully we succeed at delivering both.

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