Salma Hayek doesn’t think she looks fat in “Lonely Hearts.”

According to her New York-based publicist Carrie Ross, unlike many actresses, Salma is not weight-obsessed and doesn’t have a body image disorder. She eats. Her weight fluctuates. No big deal. And despite reports from sources involved with the film, Salma didn’t turn down doing press for “Hearts” because she thought she looked fat in the film.

“It’s simply not true,” says Ross. “It’s so not who she is or what she’s about.” So why isn’t she doing press for the film? “She’s on vacation. She’s out of town.” And the junket? “We were never asked to take part in a press junket,” says Ross.    

As for the mysterious lack of any full-length shots of Hayek approved for press useage? Ross, who approved the “Hearts” photos of her client a year ago, says, “I can’t speak to that. But you can see from the one you used on the site that shows her to the waist that she’s definitely not fat.”

So how is Salma doing with her pregnancy? Just fine, thanks for asking. But she’s not sitting around eating bon bons with her fiance businessman Francois-Henri Pinault, the CEO of PPR, which owns fashion houses Gucci and Yves St. Laurent.  “She’s a busy working mother in progress,” says Ross. “She’s producing a hit TV show (that would be the award-winning "Ugly Betty") and has several other projects that will soon be announced.” 

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead