sam bradford Sam Bradford brings fan to tears: Rams QB signature stirs emotionsSam Bradford, the St. Louis Rams’ 23-year-old QB, barely had to lay on the charm to bring a female admirer to tears – he just had to pick up a pen! Check out the video here.

A young fan brandished a sign that said “MARRY ME BRADFORD,” so it’s no wonder that it caught his attention. A Rams staffer grabbed the sign from the fan and brought it out onto the field for Bradford to sign. He didn’t even have to make eye contact with her, but she sure got emotional!

Bradford certainly has reason to reach out to the fans — a 10-foot tall statue of the QB is being added to Oklahoma’s Heisman Park on Wednesday. His schedule is preventing him from being present at the unveiling, but his family has given the go-ahead.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie