supernatch for swap Sam Winchester's 'Supernatural' emotions: A fond look back at Sam's soulThis season on “Supernatural,” Sam Winchester is a little… off. While Sam is walking and talking and alive, he’s a little off– his soul is still in hell, locked in a cage with Lucifer and Michael.

We love the storyline and it’s undoubtedly giving Jared Padalecki an unprecedented chance to show off his acting skills. We always knew he was good — but we didn’t know he was this good. We’re thoroughly unsettled by the guy Dean (Jensen Ackles) refers to as Robo-Sam.

While we love this storyline and the fun opportunity it offers to explore a new dynamic between the brothers, we can’t help but kind of miss real Sam.You know, back when he had actual emotions that didn’t involve getting laid and killing things.

Here, we take a very fond look back on the many emotions of Sam Winchester — and our favorite emotional moments from throughout the seasons.

Happy Sam
In the Season 1 episode “Hell House,” a prank war escalates between the Winchesters… and nothing delights Sam more than pulling a fast one on his brother. With all the epic apocalyptic angst happening lately, it’s nice to look back on a time when they had time to make some mischief with itching powder and superglue.

Sad Sam
After Sam loses a cursed object, his bad day gets worse and worse.

Really Sad Sam
In one of the most heartbreaking moments of the series, Sam was unable to find a way to save Dean’s life after Dean made a deal with a demon. Hellhounds tore his brother to shreds right before his eyes.

Relieved Sam
“Supernatural” wouldn’t be much of a show without Dean, so thankfully Castiel resurrected him. Sam was initially skeptical when Dean came a-knocking after being in the ground for 4 months, but eventually he warmed up.

Frustrated Sam
Here’s one thing we know for sure: Sam Winchester was not meant to work as a tech guy in a cubicle.

Annoyed Sam
When you spend your entire life cooped up in dank motel rooms and a muscle car with the same person, you’d get pretty ticked off, too.

Lonely Sam
The Robo-Sam we know today isn’t too different from the Sam we met in the Season 3 episode “Mystery Spot.” After Dean died, Sam turned into a killing machine. All he cared about was getting his brother back… but a least he cared about something.

Scared Sam
We’d be scared, too, if we just realized that our misguided actions released Lucifer from hell.

Angry Sam
Sam has become a pretty violent guy, but the earliest hints of his temper emerged only around his father, John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Their strained relationship was at a low point before John’s death in the Season 2 premiere, “In My Time of Dying.”

So what have we learned by riding Sam’s emotional rollercoaster? He really, really loves his brother. And also his Puma sneakers. Seriously though, we have all the faith in the world that Sam will get his soul back soon, and will go back to caring about all the thing that make him Sam.

Let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite Sam Winchester emotion. By the way, now that we’ve checked out Padalecki’s wide range of emotion — he’s nominated for “Most Under-appreciated Entertainer” and is up against another Zap2it fave, “The Vampire Diaries” star Paul Wesley, in the current bracket. Cast your vote, Zappers!

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie