samuel l jackson snl f bomb Samuel L. Jackson on 'Saturday Night Live': A fake F bomb, then a real curseSamuel L. Jackson made a cameo appearance on “Saturday Night Live” this week, and it’s one that will probably be remembered for a while thanks to an inadvertent bit of cursing.

After appearing briefly in host Martin Short‘s monologue, Jackson showed up again as a guest in a “What Up With That?” sketch. He feigned indignation at being interrupted by host DeAndre Cole’s (Kenan Thompson) uncontrollable urge to groove, and even came close to swearing at hime when DeAndre declared he was out of time.

“Man, fuh!” Jackson shouts — but that’s part of the joke. As Jackson noted after the show on Twitter, the plan was to leave off the “ck” as Thompson’s character cuts him off. So, all well and good, right?

Not quite. A few seconds later, Jackson (off-camera) says, “This is bulls***!,” and he doesn’t cut himself off this time. In his tweet, he acknowledges he “blew it.”

Thompson rolls with the unplanned utterance, saying to Jackson, “Come on now — that costs money.” You can watch the exchange below:

Did you catch Jackson’s curse the first time through?

Posted by:Rick Porter