Did you miss “Sanctuary”?

We’re hoping Henry (Ryan Robbins) is okay in the peek of the Season 3 premiere “Kali, Part 3,” airing Friday, Oct. 15 at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy, but it picks up where they left off. We hope you watched till the end of the clip above to see the aftermath.

Besides this, there’s actually lots going down in the third season, and Robin Dunne, who plays Will, teases the big changes at a recent Syfy digital press tour in Orlando. First of all, this time around, the series was ordered for 20 episodes, significantly more than its usual 13.

“It feels more of a puzzle this year, like a jigsaw puzzle,” Dunne tells the press. “There’s a new Abnormal this year, and it’s not the type of Abnormal that you’re expecting. It’s more of a place.  But it’s really, really a cool thing.  And it kind of brought me back to the first days of ‘Sanctuary,’ getting used to the green screen, because the way we’re shooting this new place takes the sort of visual effects to a new level literally.”

Of course, the backgrounds would be nothing without the players acting in front of them, and there will be new and familiar faces to look forward to, including those resulting complications.

“Polly Walker is on the show this year, which is really exciting,” says Dunne. “There’s some romance, some breakups, some hookups.  It’s not going to be ‘Melrose Place’ or anything, but a little romance never hurt anybody.”

“Peter Wingfield is back, obviously,” he continues. “You’re  going to meet Nigel Griffin this year. The Five are  back in full force.  Just in the way that we flashed forward into the future in Season 2, Episode 5, ‘Pavor Nocturnus,’ we’re kind of going to go back, back to the past.  Does that even make sense? And we’re going to see the history of the characters that we know on ‘Sanctuary.’  And we’re going to see them — what effect they had on historical events.”

Not everything is the bigger picture though. The central players will get some strong character work as well.  

“This year there are some one-on-one episodes,” he explains. “The next one is sort of a two-hander, Magnus (Amanda Tapping) and Will, in a very different way.  There also is a two-hander that Magnus is involved with another villain. There’s a new villain this year that I can’t really say too much about, but — played by Ian Tracey.  It’s just one of those … a character out of history and literature, an iconic character that sort of gets an abnormal twist. This is going to be a character you’re going love to hate.  It’s going to be like the Smoking Man or Lecter. So there’s — then there’s an episode with sort of a facing off between him and Magnus.

“There’s another episode we do this year where it’s entirely from Will’s perspective. Will gets infected. I wore this — I think it was, like, a bicycle helmet kind of thing with a camera screwed into it, and literally shot the entire episode.  There were these cool kind of glasses like you get at the dentist with sort of the viewfinder of the camera. Very, very strange  thing to shoot, but I just saw a cut of it, and it looks really amazing.”

That’s quite a bit to take in, as is this overview of the season. Those seven additional episodes certainly do make a difference.

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Photo credit: Syfy

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen