sandra-bullock-jesse-james-kelly-cutrone.jpgKelly Cutrone, the woman behind Bravo’s “Kell On Earth” and the successful fashion public relations company, People’s Revolution, has a few words for Jesse James, but first she has some advice for fellow power girl, Sandra Bullock.

“I would encourage her, if she could, to actually go to those premieres and continue to build her brand,” Kelly Cutrone tells Zap2it.

]]>Drew Barrymore, Robert Downey Jr. and Lindsay Lohan as examples of people who have survived personal issues gone public and come back from it. And she believes Bullock’s supporters need to hear from her. “You know in PR that when your people are there to help you, they’re also going to be there when you get hit,” explains Cutrone. “You’re expected at that point to speak to the press, because it’s like, hey we were here when you were promoting your movie and we were here when you were making ‘Speed.’ We helped you further your message and this is a message now that you need to respond to.” So, how does Cutrone think Sandra should respond? She thinks Bullock should keep her response professional and limited. “I would encourage her to say ‘this is a hard time for me,'” offers Cutrone. “‘I’m an Academy Award winner. I made a film I’m very proud of and I’m here to promote it.’ I think that would be amazing.” She also recommends that Bullock “acknowledge the fact that she’s heartbroken. Heartbreak is a universal feeling. It’s a feeling we can all relate to.” For more on Cutrone’s feelings on Jesse James, check out the bonus video below. Warning: Strong language

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