Everyone’s wondering what Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock‘s next steps will be. Will she take time off to clean up the mess that was heaped on her personal life by Jesse James OR let her lawyers handle it (i.e., dump the cheating loser) and get back to work on some fun films.

We’re all for her jumping back on the horse and even talked about Sandra’s situation with Entertainment Tonight. No one knows which film will come together first but she does have four very interesting projects in the pipeline.

]]>She’ll probably star (and be listed as a producer) on all four and two of them are being produced through her production company, Fortis. Here’s the list: “One of the Guys”: a romantic comedy about a tomboy guy’s gal (Sandra Bullock) who makes her BMFs uneasy when she starts to act more like a girl than a guy. “The Sprinkler Queen”: Sandra may play a Hollywood female agent who tracks her AWOL action star back to his small Wisconsin town to lure him back to work. “Kiss & Tango”:  Sandra may play a woman goes to Argentina, falls in love with the culture and an Argentinian man and finds herself. “Jingle”:  Santa’s nastiest elf is left behind at a spoiled brat’s house and has to reform the kid in order to get back to to the north pole. We presume she may play the kid’s mother? Anyway, they all sound like fun comedies and rom-coms, which plays to Sandra’s strengths. We can’t wait to see Sandy back on screen. And may we suggest “The Proposal 2”? Which one do you want to see first? Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz. More Jesse James, Sandra Bullock dish Sandra Bullock first post-scandal comment: ‘There is no sex tape’ with Jesse James
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead