sandra bullock boston the heat gi Sandra Bullock to show Boston cops new movie 'The Heat'

Before a new buddy cop comedy with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy opens in theaters, the cast and crew wants to show the movie early, to a special audience. CNN reports that director Paul Feig is arranging to screen the movie for members of Boston law enforcement, following the Boston Marathon bombing.
“The Heat” features McCarthy as a Boston police officer and Bullock as a FBI agent. According to Feig, “The movie is such a love letter to Boston.” “A lot of our cast are Boston people, either born or raised. So we really would like to support that city,” he says adding, “I love that city.”
Bullock, who calls the area an “amazing tight-knit community,” says, “I don’t think a screening would ever be enough, feel like it’s enough to do for them.” She also isn’t sure how the movie would have turned out anywhere else, explaining, “Usually, there’s chaos and things fall apart, but because of them, it held together the way that it did, and I really feel like the reason this film got made in the way that it did is because of that group: the Bostonians.”
A date has not been set for the screening yet, but Feig says it’s in the planning stages. “The Heat” arrives in theaters for the general public June 28. 
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