She’s baaack. And she’s officially available.

Sandra Oh, who won a Screen Actors Guild Award for her portrayal of the emotionally stunted, overly ambitious surgeon in ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,”  will announce the 13th Annual Screen Actors Guild nominations on January 4.

And this will mark her first big 2007 Awards Season appearance as a legally single woman, after a not-quite-wrapped-up-pretty-with-a-bow divorce from her hubby Alexander Payne, who directed her in "Sideways."

The couple got married in 2003. Oh filed for divorce in April 2005.

But according to Oh’s official divorce decree entered last week and cited on TMZ, there are still a few – like six – financial strings to be tied up. Something about who gets what from retirement accounts and pension funds and the like.

Jeepers, guys. You were only married for two years. 

It’s not like you were as financially entangled as Britney and Kevin, Paul and Heather or even Pamela and Tommy Lee and/or Kid Rock. Time to wrap it up and get on with single life.

Photo Credits: Gosh, they sure looked happy at the Indie Spirits Awards in 2005, just two months before Sandra filed for divorce. But on second glance, those smiles are a bit gritted teeth, aren’t they?
George Pimental/WireImage

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