Single mom Polly (Sarah Chalke) needs a fresh start, and so she seeks help from her mom and dad. Whoops.

Chalke (“Scrubs,” “Mad Love”) plays a woman determined to be the “best single working mom in the universe” in “How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life),” which easily takes this season’s crown for longest show title. She looks to her folks (Elizabeth Perkins and Brad Garrett) for support and a place to live, but mom and dad are pretty happy with their empty-nest life, and they don’t see much upside into changing their ways for Polly and her daughter, Natalie (Rachel Eggleston).

Chalke is an expert at playing tightly wound characters, and Perkins is working some of the same self-centered vibe she did on “Weeds” (though without the nasty streak). Garrett, meanwhile, gets to work his deadpan in a single-camera comedy instead of playing to an audience a la “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

Orlando Jones, Jon Dore and Rebecca Delgado Smith also star in the show, which is due to premiere in January 2013. Claudia Lonow (“Accidentally on Purpose”) created the series.

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Posted by:Rick Porter