Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson — a producer on the Golden Globe nominated film, “The Young Victoria” — spoke with The Dish Rag about her long fascination (she’s written two books on her life) with Queen Victoria (played by Emily Blunt) and her relationship with her husband, Prince Albert, played by Rupert Friend.

The film about royal responsibility and love has even made the notoriously private woman wonder aloud if perhaps she and her ex-husband Prince Andrew should have “fought harder” to stay together.

]]>“I have been working on her for a very many, many years,” Sarah, commonly called Fergie before a certain singer snagged the moniker, admits. “And I always think to myself, ‘She was 17, and just 18 when she became Queen of England,’ and I think, ‘How did she manage?'”

Fergie is proud and glad that this under-estimated woman’s story of love has finally been told. Queen Victoria — most often seen in dour portraits from her later years — lived for 65 years after her husband Prince Albert died in 1861 and Sarah feels that “she lived all that time dying to tell everyone she was in love.”
Asked what men and women can take away from this sumptuously shot and fascinating film of the intricacies of power in relationships, Sarah says she hopes they will cherish the love they have in their own lives.
“When  I look at the movie, I often think of Andrew and I and I wonder if we’d fought harder for our love would we still be to together now?”
She and Prince Andrew were married in 1986 but divorced in 1996, four years after embarrassing photos of Fergie vacationing with a Texas millionaire made news. 
The former royal couple have remained close and shared in raising their two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.
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