sarah hyland lea michele getty Sarah Hyland: Lea Michele red carpet critique was 'all fun and games'Apparently Sarah Hyland’s publicist got to her.

Just days after the “Modern Family” star mocked “Glee” actress Lea Michele for her red carpet posing, Hyland began the official “I was kidding” tour.

“It was all fun and games,” she tells E! hostess Giuliana Rancic when questioned about the controversy. “I did not mean any harm. When Joan Rivers asks you what she looks like on the carpet, you do it.”

On Thursday (Sept. 15), Hyland was a guest on the E! program “Fashion Police.” While on the show, Hyland explains that she was at the “Glee 3-D” premiere and noted Michele’s unique red carpet posture.

“So it’s like a slow-motion picture kinda thing,” Hyland told Rivers. “It’s just like, she puts her hands on her hips like this and sticks out her collarbone … she sticks out her collarbone to make her look skinnier and she goes [pouts lips] sticks out her lips. It’s very strange.”

But in the days since, Hyland’s been getting an earful from Gleeks.

“Her fans are very protective of her,” Hyland tells Rancic before continuing to downplay the incident.

Let’s hope this red carpet cat fight has a happy ending.

Here’s the video of Hyland on “Fashion Police.” Do you think she was really just kidding?

Posted by:David Eckstein