sarah jessica parker twitter city ballet gi Sarah Jessica Parker joins Twitter as 'SJP' because of course“Sex and the City” fans know the show’s glam icon, Sarah Jessica Parker, simply as “SJP.” And now she’ll be known that way in the Twitterverse as well.

Parker joined Twitter and racked up nearly half a million followers within a matter of hours. She herself is following just one person, Bravo’s host of “Watch What Happens Live,” Andy Cohen.
So far, SJP has only sent three tweets. The first was announcing her own Twitter debut and explaining she came on board to share her new web series, “City.Ballet.” 
Parker is executive producer of the docudrama that takes viewers behind the scenes and into the ultra-competitive world of the New York City Ballet. Check out a preview video for the show below because it looks amazing,

Sarah Jessica’s next tweet reads, “I’m still on twitter! Though I dreamt I was kindly asked to remove myself. X” 
And finally, SJP was seeking more people to add to her “following” list. Her latest tweet was a query about whether New York Times journalist Dexter Filkins is also on Twitter. (The answer is no, so she’s stuck with just Cohen for now.)

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