Sara jessica parker According to an interview with Billy Bush on Access Hollywood, Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate, who is carrying her twin baby girls, has been followed and harassed by a tabloid.

SFP tells Bush, “She’s had her phone hacked, her personal computer information hacked, she’s had threats against her and true harassment. … She’s had friends threatened and family threatened, and she’s had family of friends threatened.”

A pregnant friend of the surrogate was also chased by the paps.

 "This friend is nine months pregnant — chased down a highway by photographers and dare I call them ‘reporters.’ I guess that’s how they identify themselves."

The surrogate is doing OK.  But SJP is concerned.

Watch the video interview here!

"You understand what stress, worry and fear and being scared can do,” Sarah Jessica said. “She’s quite far along in this pregnancy and she’s carrying two children…. There’s simply no excuse for doing this to somebody. It’s not acceptable.”

Parker also says that the Star magazine’s expose “SJP’s Surrogate Revealed! The Troubled Life of the Woman Having Her Twins” is nonsense.

“I’m beyond comfortable with who she is,” Sarah Jessica said. "… Every single allegation that I know has been suggested about her is absolutely slander, and libel."

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