sarah lane gma Sarah Lane, Natalie Portman's 'Black Swan' double, talks to 'GMA'Apparently we haven’t heard the last of Sarah Lane. The Natalie Portman ballet body double appeared on “Good Morning America” on Friday (April 15) to talk about her the controversy surrounding her contributions to the film and attempts to keep her from speaking out about her work.

Lane tells “GMA” that she did most of the full body and close-up shot dancing and that Portman’s head was superimposed on her body with “computer effects.” Lane goes on to admit that she wasn’t told she’d get credit for her work and says she didn’t do the movie to “get fame or recognition.”

So why speak out now? Lane says that after a small interview in Glamour, one of the film’s producers called her and asked to her to not do anymore press until after the Oscars.

“They were trying to create this image, this facade, that Natalie had done something extraordinary,” says Lane, “something that’s pretty much impossible — to become a professional ballerina.”

Apparently that’s a bit of movie magic that doesn’t sit well with the dancer.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson