Sarah_larson_george_clooney_If you dated George Clooney for a year and then broke up, what would you miss most?

Well. If you were Sarah Larson, you’d miss his old soft shoe.

In an interview with Hello! magazine, Sarah now says, "George is a great guy, a wonderful person. I don’t regret spending time with him, and he’s a great person to get to know. We still remain friends and have kept in touch," she insists. "In fact, we spoke over the phone a couple of days ago. He’s fun to be around, down to earth, laid back, funny and smart."

And a fond memory of her time with Georgie?

"Most people know George has a great sense of humor and is an adept storyteller, but I will always miss his extraordinary dance moves."

OK, is she for real or is she talking about the horizontal mambo?

C’mon, Sarah Larson went to the Oscars with George, met world leaders, spent time on Lake Como, dined with Giorgio Armani, and George’s dancing skills are what she remembers? Maybe he should think about going on "Dancing with the Stars?" Or maybe she is….

The former "Fear Factor" contestant admitted that dating the A-list Clooney did open doors for her, ahem, modeling career.

"I’ve had some amazing offers come in, including one modeling campaign that may bring me to England soon," she told Hello! "I hope it happens because I’ve never been to England, and I’d love to spend some time there.

"If I do end up there, I could find a nice British boy. I’d be open to the idea. I hear they have a good sense of humor."

Yeah, but they don’t have George’s dance moves.

Photos: Sarah Larson was George Clooney’s first official Oscar date this year. But is the spectacular evening a peak memory? Apparently not. What a waste!

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead