sarah buffy Sarah Michelle Gellar turns 34: Her best 'Buffy' momentsHappy 34th birthday, Sarah Michelle Gellar! Would you like some nostalgia to go along with your cake? Good, because that’s exactly what you’re about to get.

It’s a widely-known fact that we here at Zap2it are huge “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fans, therefore we are also huge SMG fans. The woman can do no wrong in our eyes. Yes, we even sat through “Simply Irresistible” and “Scooby-Doo.” Both of them.

While we’re extremely excited for Gellar’s new pilot for CBS, “Ringer,” she’ll always be our Buffy. In honor of Gellar’s 34th birthday, we’ve compiled her best “Buffy”
moments. Sure, it was tough, but we managed to narrow it down to five.

Here’s hoping her birthday is better than all the ones we saw Buffy celebrate. Don’t worry, we’re 99% sure Freddie Prinze Jr. won’t be turning into an evil vampire who kills goldfish anytime soon.

buffy hush Sarah Michelle Gellar turns 34: Her best 'Buffy' moments5. “Hush”

Seriously, any “Buffy” fan will know exactly why we chose this episode. For those who can’t remember, please take a gander at the picture to the right. Could anyone else but Buffy pull off this… gesture and still look adorable? No. Why isn’t this a more popular .gif on the Internet? Get on it, people!

Also, Buffy complaining about the size of her hips in Giles’ drawing of her is classic Buffy Summers. Then again, we would have taken offense to that drawing, too. Those hips were huge.

4. “Who Are You?”

The. Mirror. Scene.

 Is there anything better than watching SMG play Faith playing Buffy? “You can’t do that! It’s wrong!” Don’t get us wrong, Eliza Dushku did a fantastic job in this episode as well, but it’s not her birthday. Sorry, Eliza, guess you’ll just have to wait your turn. It seems like we have great taste though because this episode was also one of Gellar’s favorites. This totally means we’re best friends with SMG now. 

umbrella Sarah Michelle Gellar turns 34: Her best 'Buffy' moments3. “The Prom”

Yes, we know we’re saps but how could we not choose this episode? It
broke our hearts, made us smile,Buffy finally got her high school
moment and although it was tinged in a bit of sadness, it still felt
pretty perfect to us. We still get a little misty-eyed when we think of
Buffy receiving the Class Protector Umbrella. (Side-note: Where is that
umbrella? We want it.)

We would have posted a clip of Buffy receiving her award and dancing
with Angel… alas, there are no clips on YouTube. We’re severely
disappointed in you, Internet.

2. “Once More With Feeling”

Sure, Gellar’s singing and dancing skills aren’t the greatest, but no one can say she didn’t give her all in this episode. ”I’m not a singer,
and I hated every moment of it,” she told EW of the episode.

When Joss Whedon suggested they bring in a voice double for her, Gellar rejected the offer. “I basically started to cry and said, ‘You mean someone else is going
to do my big emotional turning point for the season?’ In the end, it
was an incredible experience and I’m glad I did it. And I never want to
do it again.”

And that is why we love her.

1. “The Body”

We still believe that SMG’s acting in Season 5’s “The Body” is her best work ever. From the moment Buffy sees her mother lying lifeless on the couch and utters a meek “Mommy?,” we were emotionally gutted. It hurts to even write about this episode; It felt that real. There’s probably nothing we can say that hasn’t already been said in regards to Gellar’s acting — and the episode itself — so just grab some tissues and watch this scene. It’s ten minutes long, but we promise it’s worth it.

Fair warning: It may ruin every other episode of television for you.

Did we forget your favorite “Buffy” moment? Annoyed we left off Buffy killing Angel in the Season 2 finale or Buffy turning into 18th century noblewoman  in “Halloween”? Hit us up with your favorite in the comments. 

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