You’ll never guess who was watching Tina Fey and Amy Poehler‘s priceless Sarah Palin/Hillary Rodham Clinton skit on "Saturday Night Live."

According to Us Weekly, Gov. Sarah Palin was.

She and her staff watched it onboard the campaign plane flying from Reno to Denver on Saturday evening. Although ABC is reporting that there was nothing but "silence" from the front of the plane, which was hidden by a pulled curtain, the reporters onboard the campaign plane were howling over the impression.

"The flight attendants assured us Palin and her entourage were watching. What she thought, though, is anyone’s guess. Palin has yet to say so much as hello to the press corps," reads the ABC report posted Sept. 14. 

But Palin’s spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt gave the official campaign reply to CBS News: "She thought it was quite funny, particularly because she once dressed up as Tina Fey for Halloween."

What? Where are those photos? We want, make that need, to see them NOW! Unless it’s just a poor imitation of Fey’s "Weekend Update" co-anchor suit. That’s kind of a snooze.

Watch the SNL video again, because once is not enough.

Photos: Eerily, Sarah Palin looks more like a SNL cast member than Tina Fey does. And Tina Fey looks more like a VP candidate. The grassroots Tina Fey write-in movement starts now! Who ya gonna vote for?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead