sarahpalin newsweek Sarah Palin hates her 'sexist' Newsweek cover. Does she really?

Former beauty queen and right-wing party girl Sarah Palin is all bent out of shape about her sexy pose on the cover of "Newsweek." She says it's "out of context" since it was originally shot for Runner's World magazine.

Funny, that looks more like a beauty queen's pose than a runner's to us. We don't look like that when we run. Do you?

]]>This from the Alaskan governor who quit halfway into her term to do the speaker circuit and write a book for a lot of money? If she doesn't take her political career seriously enough to stick out her term, why should the media or the people?

And seriously, it's not like she didn't play the sexy girl in those bright red Naughty Monkey shoes during the campaign.

Read what she posted on her Facebook page in response to Newsweek's choice of cover photo.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead