sarah palin wireimage 2 Sarah Palin hits an Oscar swag suite? Someone call Levi Johnston!

Sarah Palin at an Oscar freebie suite? After she accused Levi Johnston of going Hollywood?
Maybe she caught Celeb Fever after appearing on “The Tonight Show.” In any case, she, daughter Willow and grandson Trigg, stopped by the Silver Spoon Oscar Suite on Wednesday, Mar. 3.
The Silver Spoon swag suite invited the former vice presidential candidate, who posed for photo ops and was gifted from beauty and luxury sponsors. 

]]>At the Interior Illusions store in West Hollywood, Palin received jewels from Pascal Mouawad, watches by Skagen and Unite hair care products.

Word is that the former Alaskan Governess gave all of her gifts to the Silver Spoon for auction, as well as about $1,700 to help Red Cross efforts in Haiti and Chile. 
Except that as everyone in Hollywood knows, the way it usually works is that the goodies the star wants (in this case, Sarah)  will be sent to her home. And an identical lot will be auctioned off.
Trust us on this. Anyway, it’s good not to be Governor. Otherwise, she couldn’t accept this free stuff.
Photo credits: Getty Images