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For her “hosting” gig on “Today,” Sarah Palin joined the “Today’s Professionals” panel. We say “hosting” in quotes because she has yet to really host anything. The whole thing is rather weird. We’re not criticizing Palin, just that the entire stunt is a little weird. Anyway, so instead of hosting “Today’s Professionals,” Palin sat in on the panel with Star Jones, Dr. Nancy Snyderman and Donny Deutsch.

You could tell that Star and Donny were not overly happy to have Palin there – at least, they were not as friendly towards her as Dr. Nancy was. The topics they discussed were Oprah’s admitting to OWN failure, Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy weight gain and the new Facebook enemies app.

Palin did pretty well, though you can tell her background is in running for political office. She still sounded like she was giving answers like a politician would. When asked why viewers have not flocked to OWN, Palin says, “First, more power to Oprah for getting out there, showing the guts, showing the grit it takes to succeed … she is representing what makes America great. You have opportunity to succeed and to fail and to keep trying again.”

Which didn’t answer the question.

We did like her answer during the Jessica Simpson segment. When asked how she would’ve felt if people had criticized her for gaining too much pregnancy weight, Palin goes, “I would’ve wanted to punch ’em in the neck, because it’s nobody’s business.”  Hee!

Then things got interesting when the topic turned to the Facebook enemies app that has burst onto the scene. Palin says the app is “all about tearing people down, it’s all about hurting people” and how we don’t need people bonding over enemies.

But Donny Deutsch is quick to point out that in Palin’s one-on-one interview in the previous “Today” hour, instead of focusing on which GOP candidate she likes the best, or talking about positive changes the country needs, she instead says, “Anybody but Obama would be better” in the White House, which is kind of on the nose for finding an enemy to bond over and fight against.

We thought Palin did a pretty good job during the “Today’s Professionals” segment and the party-planning segment with Tori Spelling, but we have to hand it to Donny Deutsch – that was a good point and Palin didn’t really have an answer for it.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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