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Former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was on “Today” Tuesday morning (April 3) to co-host the 8 o’clock hour, but before she took over some hosting duties, she sat down with Matt Lauer for a one-on-one interview to talk about her views of the current presidential race landscape.

Regarding Mitt Romney as the inevitable nominee:

“Uh, you know, anything is still possible … but the numbers are what the numbers are. He does seem to be the frontrunner … I’ve been of the mindset that anybody but Obama will be better. Anybody but Obama. I honestly believe that anybody running on the GOP ticket will be better than what we have today with these failed socialist policies … There is no perfect candidate. I would warn voters to never put their faith wholly in an individual … have faith in what that politician stands for.”

On the state of America right now:

“People understand that America is at a crossroads right now and we have a choice in what direction we’ll head. We can either build on the foundation of liberty and individual freedoms here in America and that entrepreneurial spirit, or we’ll go down the other road of these failed socialist policies that Obama has done to this country.

Whoever gets it, we will be able to coalesce around that nominee and make sure voters understand they have a choice here in which direction we’re going to head … Things aren’t getting better fast enough.”

Regarding the choice for a running mate, and if that person should have more national experience than Palin herself had when she was chosen:

“I would say it doesn’t matter if that person has national level experience or not. They’re going to get clobbered by the ‘lamestream’ media who does not like the conservative message and it doesn’t matter if that person has been a known commodity or not.

The GOP ticket doesn’t know what’s coming. They don’t know what’s going to hit them in terms of double standards … what I would advise Mitt Romney or whoever the nominee is, don’t play it safe and do what the GOP establishment expects them to do.”

At the end of the interview, Lauer cracks that Palin is about to become a member of the “lamestream” media in the next hour as she co-hosts the program.

We have to assume this interview was part of her conditions of coming on the show. It certainly seemed a little weird to interview her one segment and then turn around and have her hosting. We’ll post another piece after her hosting duties are over.

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