Sarahpalin_2 Sarah Palin says she’s just "your average hockey mom." But she sure doesn’t dress like one.

Seems the RNC coughed up a whopping $150,000 to outfit/accessorize Palin and her family for the campaign trail.

The tally included included a $75,062.63 visit to Neiman Marcus and two Saks Fifth Avenue pit shops totaling $49,425.74, according to Jeanne Cummings at Politico. That’s a lot more than the $1,874 spent by average Americans,  according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

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According to our intrepid political reporters at Top of the Ticket, the  RNC’s financial disclosure records for September and October show that the RNC did charge those purchases as “campaign accessories."

Charged were Bloomingdale’s ($5,102.71), Barney’s ($789.72), Atelier men’s boutique ($4,902.45) and two baby clothing and accessory stores.

Apparently, it’s totally legal — albeit not normal — for campaigns to buy duds for their candidates. Politico checked records for Barack Obama’s campaign and the Democratic party:  No similar fashion expenditures.

Of course, now that it’s come out, McCain’s camp says the Palin family’s campaign clothing is all going to charity after the election. And shame on you for thinking otherwise or even bothering to ask questions about it. Shame!

"It was always the intent that the clothing go to a charitable purpose after the campaign," said Tracey Schmitt of John McCain’s campaign, adding, "With all of the important issues facing the country right now, it’s remarkable that we’re spending time talking about pantsuits and blouses.”

Actually, we’re not wasting time talking about candidates’ high-priced clothing because what we’re really discussing is image versus reality and overspending, both of which are pretty darn important issues.

If they’d shopped for clothing at H&M, Target, WalMart, it would be a whole different deal. And a much lower price tag.

What do you think about Palin’s fashion statement? Is it hypocritical that the "average hockey mom" candidate and her entire family got free fancy clothes from places like Saks Fifth Avenue and Barney’s?

I don’t think many average American Joe Six Pack families are sitting around the dinner table wondering how they’re gonna pay the gosh darn bills wearing free designer clothing, do you?

That sounds more like something a celebrity might do!

Photo: Nice jacket, Sarah. Is it from Saks or Barney’s?

Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead