sarah palin audience2 Sarah Palin shops her own reality TV show. Will you watch?
Sarah Palin is having a grand old time in Hollywood.  She was a guest and did stand-up on “Jay Leno‘s Tonight Show.” She hit an Oscar swag suite (she and her entourage were described as “locusts” on Marc Malkin’s blog) and she watched “American Idol” from the show’s green room. And it’s only Thursday! The way she’s going, she may show up on the Oscar red carpet Sunday.
So why is she really in Hollywood? Well, remember when Sarah made fun of Levi Johnston’s attempts to get a TV reality show. Apparently, that was just sour grapes, pot calling the kettle black, etc, etc.


Now Sarah and reality TV showman Mark Burnett are pitching a TV “docudrama” (read: “reality show”) about a family in Alaska.
Word is she was seen leaving ABC, stopped by CBS and ended her day at FOX, talking with reality dude Mike Darnell, then stuck around to watch American Idol from the Green Room. Today, she is said to be meeting with Jeff Gaspin, NBC Universal TV chairman.
According to Reuters, Palin and her family would be on-camera. And one exec described as “‘Planet Earth’ meets Alaska meets her family,” referring to Discovery’s nature show.
“There’s an awful lot of interest in her,” one executive says. “As a short-order series, it might work. It would depend on what kind of footage you get.”
The Dish Rag wonders if Sarah will write her lines on her hands?
In truth, if it wasn’t scripted,  a reality show about Sarah might serve as a serious wake-up call. 
What do you think of a Sarah Palin reality TV show about a controversial, sexy, winking former governor with a special needs child, an unwed teen mother, family outings hunting caribou and wolves, snowmobile races, a deadbeat baby daddy and his drug-dealing mother?
You can’t make up a reality show this juicy.You betcha.
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