kate gosselin sarah palin 'Sarah Palin's Alaska': Sarah takes Kate Gosselin campingIf you’ve ever watched “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” or more recently “Kate Plus 8,” you know that Kate Gosselin is not great at not being in control of a situation.

So you can probably guess how things are going to go in this teaser for Sunday’s (Dec. 12) episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” in which TLC engineers some crossover synergy by having Kate bring the kids to Alaska for a camping trip. Kate says she’s never been for-real camping, which we’re guessing means she’s also never been to a bear-safety class, which the Palins think might be a good idea before they set out.

Comedy or gratingly awful whining (take your pick) ensues.

A clip from the show is below. The episode airs at 9 p.m. ET Sunday on TLC.

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Posted by:Rick Porter