Tuesday morning (April 3), former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin stopped by “Today” to … sort of host. She did a one-on-one interview with Matt Lauer, she sat on the “Today’s Professionals” panel and then she hung around during a couple segments with Tori Spelling and Wilson Phillips. But she didn’t actually host anything, not really.

Naturally political commentator and satirical news anchor Jon Stewart could not resist such fodder on “The Daily Show.”

“[Palin] was there performing a medley of her greatest hits, from ‘I don’t read newspapers’ to ‘I write on my hand’, to that old chestnut ‘I passive-aggressively hate Matt Lauer with every ounce of my being,'” intros Stewart.

“Here’s the thing,” he continues. “The former Alaska governor was actually quite good and likable in this setting. My issue was not with how I viewed Governor Palin as co-host of ‘The Today Show,’ it was mostly with how Governor Palin seemed to view it.”

[shows footage of Palin talking about “going rogue” and “infiltrating” the show]

“Oooh, infiltrating ‘The Today Show.’ I think it means you’re cynically exploiting a manufactured notion of yourself as a crusader against a monolithic, exclusionary, activist, liberal media, whilst actually enjoying a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship with them, only to the detriment of the rest of the country,” says Stewart.

“You’re pretending this whole appearance is some uncommonly ballsy way of sticking it to the ‘lamestream’ media. It’s just another place for you to tout your brand of homespun nonsense unchallenged,” says Stewart.

Stewart then shows how within two minutes of the same interview, Palin talks about President Obama’s “socialist” policies and then says the economy is only better for the Wall Street fat cats.

And then Stewart lays down the parting shot.

“But if you really wanna know why some people are kind of infuriated with you – it’s not your common sense conservatism, or your Mama Grizzly tenacity. It’s the casual manner with which you accuse everybody you disagree with of dividing America while simultaneously and very casually doing this:

[shows footage of the “Today’s Professionals” segment]

“Oprah would do well if she could just get some conservatives, ‘patriots who understand the constitution.’ The simplicity and prejudice of your world view. That the patriotism and goodness of something is in direct proportion only to the amount of conservatism in said thing. And that equation so rules your life, that you offer that advice spontaneously to the question of ‘How do you think Oprah’s doing?'”

“I gotta tell you lady, that must be exhausting, to live like that.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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