sarah silverman unicorn Sarah Silverman and the Serenading Unicorn sitting in a tree, K I S S I N GIs it just us, or have unicorns been getting a lot less G-rated in the past few months?

First, Ke$ha drops a unicorn and James van deer Beek infested music video for her hit single, “Blow,” then Juicyfruit takes their Serenading Unicorn campaign and pairs it up with none other than Sarah Silverman.

In this viral video for Wrigley’s gum (during which we see none of the actual product), Silverman engages in a passionate love affair with a stuffed unicorn, all set to Aerosmith’s “Angel.” They make out, nosh on Chinese food, fight, and then make out some more. At one point, Silverman is forced to remind the mythical creature, “I have horse like features, but I’m a person!”

Who knew unicorns owned bedazzled blackberries and received incriminating text messages? They’re just like us, after all.

Watch the 4 minute clip below:

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci