sarah silverman gi Sarah Silverman on 'Howard Stern': Jimmy Kimmel run ins and talking nudity with President ObamaAlways outspoken, funny lady Sarah Silverman stopped by The Howard Stern Show on Thursday (Mar. 10) to promote the paperback release of her book, “The Bedwetter.” As one might expect, the conversation quickly turned to pot, ex-boyfriends and nudity.

“I can’t work with pot,” she admits. “I can’t do stand-up on pot. But when all work is done, on vacation, I like a little pot…”

In the spirit of over-sharing, Silverman then adds “When I menstruate, it’s the only thing that makes cramps go away. And also I like it.”

When it comes to ex-boyfriends, the comedienne says she often runs in to Jimmy Kimmel and his new lady.

“I bump into them all the time,” she says. Though it’s not on the set of his late-night talk show, which she hasn’t appeared on in some time.

“I have no problem going on the show. His girlfriend works at the show… [but] she [usually] gives me a hug and it’s no big deal,” she explains.

As for her most recent beau, she and “Family Guy” writer Alec Sulkin split just after her 40th birthday, but the two remain close.

“I still totally adore him, you know. There isn’t anybody else,” Silverman says. “I’m not looking. And uh, I’ll totally have sex [with] him, basically. And that’s what we do.”

So why the split?

“I just want to be free. I don’t want to be anybody’s girlfriend. I don’t want to be responsible for anybody’s happiness,” she confesses.

Ex-boyfriends won’t be the only ones to see Silverman in the buff, as she will be sporting her birthday suit in the upcoming “Peep World.” She’s so excited about it, that when she met with President Barack Obama himself, she couldn’t help blurting out that she’d be naked in the film.

“I was so embarrassed,” she says of her slip of the tongue. “I had no control over my mouth!” 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci