Sarah Silverman going on a late night talk show to promote her HBO comedy special isn’t a strange occurrence, but her going on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” is an entirely different beast. 

She and Jimmy Kimmel dated four seven years before breaking up in March 2009, and except for one post-split “bury the hatchet” bit, this is their first real post-breakup interview. Some big changes have gone on in both comedians’ lives, including his marrying Molly McNearney, and those big life events were brought up by the former couple.

“It’s like I never left, only you’re married,” she deadpans to Kimmel when she walks in. That immediately starts him laughing. “You heard about that, huh?” he says. Silverman responds, “I think someone texted me or something.”

In a bit that some call awkward but we call hilarious, Silverman brought Kimmel back his old things, including a Palm Treo charger, an old toothbrush from “before you went electric” and some massive jeans from before Kimmel lost weight. “I had such low self esteem,” she quips. “That’s a joke, I loved you. I loved you your size.”

The best/worst gift Silverman brought him came as a surprise to everyone: a small child who ran out on stage saying, “Mommy, am I going to meet daddy tonight?” The look on Kimmel’s face is priceless.

All joking aside, the former couple still had great chemistry when talking about Silverman’s big Kimmel reunion.

“It’s like weird, but it’s good weird,” she says. “People breakup and exes are going to bump into each other, they’re gonna cross paths, they’re gonna be on each other’s talk shows. It’s the cycle of life.”

Of her comedy special, which premieres on HBO on Nov. 23, Kimmel says, “I thought your special was great. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think you could do it without me.”

“I did it mostly without you,” Silverman responds to audience laughter.

Are you glad to see Kimmel and Silverman back together in this interview?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz