sarah silverman we are miracles live with kelly and michael gi Sarah Silverman: The 'We Are Miracles' comedian has been punched in the face three times

Sarah Silverman is always a little bit surprising. That’s why, when the comedian appeared on “Live with Kelly and Michael” to promote her HBO special, “We Are Miracles,” it wasn’t a shock to learn she has been punched in the face three times.

“My dad and I have both been punched in the face three times. Which I think is character-building,” Silverman said with a completely straight face.

How did the three assaults occur? When asked, Silverman happily gave the details of each punch. “I got a job passing out flyers for a club in New York City … It was the first time I got punched in the face,” the comedian related. She shared her street corner with a guy advertising a chicken restaurant when some “tough” kids started giving the man a hard time. When it got physical, Silverman intervened. ” I got in between them — and I’m not a hero, I just didn’t think anybody would strike a lady,” she said.

Those awful teens did, and Silverman ended up knocked unconscious from a blow to the temple.

The second punching incident occurred on the set of the film, “The Way of the Gun.” “Ryan Phillipe beats me up,” explained Silverman. One of the takes went wrong, and Phillipe’s punch actually connected with Silverman’s face. The actor was really upset about the situation. “When I opened my eyes, he was already crying,” she said.

For the final punch, Sarah Silverman had to take things to Comic-Con. As anyone who has ever been to Comic-Con knows, the place is full of socially awkward people and massive crowds in which inadvertent violence is always a possibility. “There was a line of people to take pictures with me,” Silverman said. “This guy had a Hulk fist …” For some reason, the Hulk-wannabe hit Silverman right in the face. “I look and he is being dragged away by two huge security guards,” she said. But it’s not like the comedian held onto any hard feelings over the situation. “He didn’t know how to handle his feelings,” she explained earnestly.

Sarah Silverman’s “We Are Miracles” special is airing on HBO.

Posted by:Laurel Brown