41dyxbjbtxl sl500 aa280  Hot 2008 Halloween mask: Sarah Palin!Wanna scare the living be-whatsis out of your friends on Halloween?

Show up at their Halloween party as Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin! Just wear a slim black skirt, sexy red heels, rimless glasses, a brunette beehive with bangs and/or the hottest Halloween mask of 2008.

Just $29.95 and it comes with GOP elephant earrings.

Optional accessories you might want to add: dead wolf cubs, trophy antlers, a hunting rifle (or semiautomatic firearm of your choice), a pregnant daughter and a mustachioed husband. Halfway into the party, whip out your flute and play it.

Or bring a short, white-haired, old dude who keeps giving everyone the "thumbs-up" all night long.

Possible alternative costume: Bring a pit bull and try all night to put lipstick on him/her.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are reportedly planning to dress up like Todd and Sarah, reports the New York Daily News.

A New York costume shop owner told the NYDN that they’ve been deluged with orders for the plastic and rubber Palin masks. Some have resorted to taking the store’s standard pig mask and putting bright red lipstick on it. There are even cardboard Palin masks now for sale on some costume sites.  A few costume shops are offering Amy Winehouse wigs with Sarah Palin eyeglasses to construct a viable makeshift Republican vice presidential nominee costume.

And if you really want to get creative, just say you’re not Sarah Palin but Tina Fey, dressed up like Sarah Palin. That’ll really get a laugh. Or you could say you are Sarah Palin but you’re dressed up like Tina Fey for Halloween. Either way.

Better yet, forget the Todd Palin date and bring along a girlfriend dressed as Katie Couric and have her keep asking you the same question over and over again. Refuse to name magazines or newspapers you’ve read and play dumb on Supreme Court rulings other than Roe vs. Wade.

Anyone else got a fun political costume idea they want to share?

Who’s scarier to you?  John McCain or Barack Obama? Joe Biden or Sarah Palin?

Photo: Costume Rampage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead