satisfaction episode 2 through admission 'Satisfaction' episode 2: See Neil struggle with Adriana and his secret life in a sizzling sceneAre you ready for more “Satisfaction?” The pilot episode of the new USA drama about the struggles of monotony and the quest for fulfillment was both smoking hot and insanely intriguing.

USA has released two clips for the second episode that have us craving for more “Satisfaction.” The first is an exchange between Neil (Matt Passmore) and confident madame Adriana (Katherine LaNasa), where she appears to know he isn’t “Simon” and is trying to convince him to keep up the whole escort charade. The second is an emotional scene where Neil and Grace (Stephanie Szostak) try to come up with a good answer when their newly kicked-out-of-school daughter Anika (Michelle DeShon) asks them why she always gets punished for telling the truth.

It looks like the web is getting more complex in the next episode of the series and we can’t wait to get entangled in all the satisfying goodness.

“Satisfaction” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins