michelle deshon satisfaction anika come clean 'Satisfaction's' Michelle DeShon 'Comes Clean' about Anika's musical dreams“Satisfaction” star Michelle DeShon plays the role of Neil and Grace’s musically-inclined daughter Anika Truman, but fans may be surprised to know that DeShon didn’t even know how to play guitar when she auditioned for the part on the USA series.

“It’s really just crazy that I even got the part, because from the beginning the character was supposed to play guitar and I had never picked up a guitar before in my life. For the network test, I borrowed my neighbor’s guitar and learned a song on Youtube and I got it,” DeShon tells Zap2it.

In this week’s episode, “…Through Revelation,” Mateo (Leon Thomas) and Anika pitch a plan for their future together to both sets of parents where they want to skip college and go on the road. The episode closes with the original song “Come Clean,” written by Anne Preven and performed by the two actors. The song is available for purchase now on iTunes, which makes DeShon very excited.

“It’s awesome! This is one of the coolest things about this part is you get to do things that you would never in a million years think you could do. If something happens where I could do some more songs, I would be totally game for it,” DeShon gushes.

DeShon credits her onscreen love Leon Thomas as making her more comfortable with the musical part of her character, as it is a huge part of the show saying, “He’s so gifted musically. At first I was so intimidated because he knows all the terms and how the equipment works in the studio, but he’s been so supportive and has helped me so much. He’s so good though, he could sing with anybody.”

Anika has been through a lot this season and Grace and Neil marital troubles have definitely effected the teen in many ways. “Anika’s starting to realize something’s off. Her parent’s action have been effecting her subconsciously. I think Anika is closer to Grace, because Neil is that dad that works 60 hours a week. Anika starts to feel very neglected. Their world is kind of imploding. She’s a ballsy girl I think, because she has had to grow up faster because of what her parents have put her through,” DeShon explains.

DeShon urges fans not to be mad at Mateo for his possible indiscretions, he is one of the good ones. “He’s a better guy than you think he is. There is a lot of hope for he and Anika by the end of the season,” the actress reveals.

“Satisfaction” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins