” Bobby Moynihan.

From Snooki’s style to her response to the Italian-American boycott, they covered pretty much every possible absurd topic on the guidette you could think of.

Here are our fave lines from ‘Snooki’s’ guest appearance at SNL’s news desk:

On MTV blacking out the punch: “The good people at MTV wanted to make sure that it was impossible to see me getting punched in the face… unless you own a computah, a cell telephone or any channel other than MTV.”

On the perfect guido: “I’m queen of the guidettes and I’m looking for my king: Italian, dahk, just muscle-ly, juice-head guido! You know, the kinda guy that works out so much, his arms are trying to escape his Armani Exchange t-shirt.”

On the Italian-American protests: “Attention, America, ‘guido’ is not a ‘derogatony’ word. It’s a frickin’ compliment!”

On being a role model: “I’m not an effin’ role model! If kids want someone to look up to, maybe they should ask the Super Mario Brothers.”

On nicknames: “You don’t have to call me Snooki. You can call me ‘Garfield.’… Because, I’m bright orange and I love la-saaaaaagn-yah.”

Check out the spot-on segment below and tell us what you loved most. Oh, and you don’t want to miss fellow “Shore” cast member “Mike Sorrentino’s” cameo where he shows off “The Situation” from the front… and the back.

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