amy poehler saturday night live weekend update gi 'Saturday Night Live': Amy Poehler is the best at everything, even 'Weekend Update'

Back in the day, Amy Poehler was a necessary and hilarious part of the “Weekend Update” segments on “Saturday Night Live.” We got a bittersweet reminder of this during the current season’s finale when Poehler joined Seth Meyers for the fake news bit.

Whatever you think about the standard quality of “Weekend Update” these days, it’s pretty hard to deny that Amy Poehler was a bright spot in an otherwise fairly dull few minutes of television. The finale’s “Update” seems to have been pretty much a farewell for Meyers and Bill Hader. After all, it wasn’t too long into the segment when all vague semblances of sanity disappeared, only to be replaced by a fever-dream version of “The Graduate” in which Meyers interrupted Stefon’s wedding — with ALF, Gizmo and other oddities in attendance.

Sure, it was kind of funny, in a surreal sort of way. But could it compare to Amy Poehler begging the IRS not to notice her? Even the shared jealous glare between Amy and Stefon was a total win for the “SNL” alum.

All of this feels more meaningful when we remember that Seth Meyers is leaving “Saturday Night Live” to take over Jimmy Fallon‘s late-night show. While Meyers wasn’t exactly a surprise to follow Fallon, many criticized NBC for not picking a female comedian for the job. You know, a woman like Tina Fey or Amy Poehler.

Seeing segments like this week’s “Weekend Update” just makes it clear how much we are missing by not getting someone like Amy Poehler on late-night TV. Thank goodness we still have “Parks and Recreation.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown