Anna Faris, star of “What’s Your Number,” has come a long way since her first acting gig in the made-for-TV movie “Deception: A Mother’s Secret.” But that experience only served as inspiration for one of Saturday’s (Oct. 15) funnier “SNL” moments, a faux Lifetime game show called “What’s Wrong with Tanya.” The premise: moms try to guess what’s wrong with their daughters, all named Tanya:

Although rapper Drake was on board as the night’s musical guest, he brought some Timberlake-level laughs when he turned up in the “SNL Digital Short” below that had many titles, but for ease of writing this piece, we’ll just call it an “Extremely Short Interview with Drake:”

He also turned up during the Weekend Update portion of the show dressed as a teen wolf to sing the insta-hit, “Bag-jacking” (Our favorite line: “I snatch your bag so I don’t look like a pedophile.” It makes sense in context.):

When he did take the stage to perform, Nicki Minaj joined him for “Make Me Proud:”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson