anne hathaway 320 'Saturday Night Live': Anne Hathaway, Florence & the Machine, and our Black Friday nightmareIt’s Anne Hathway‘s second time hosting “Saturday Night Live,” and honestly, after checking out “Love & Other Drugs” and that hot, hot, hot EW cover… we’d forgotten what she looks like with clothes on. Hathaway worked her recent penchant for nakedness into her opening monologue.

Clothes or not, it’s almost impossible not to love Hathaway. She’s been in a lot of dramas lately, but tonight she reminded us that it was comedy that launched her to the A-list — and for good reason. “Saturday Night Live” has been lackluster lately, but tonight certainly had more highlights than lowlights. Check it:

Late-night TSA Ad
You know those phone sex ads that come on TV really late at night – like when you’ve just got the TV on to stay awake while you chug water and pray for the hangover gods to spare you in the morning? Tonight the cast members – sans Hathaway – spoofed them with a sexy TSA twist. “TSA Agents are standing by to give you a little something extra this Holiday Season.” Just what we like to hear.

The Miley Cyrus show with Katie Holmes
We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – newbie Vanessa Bayer‘s Miley Cyrus impression is impeccable. It’s bested, perhaps, only by Hathaway’s dead-on impersonation of Katie Holmes’ lopsided smile and canned answers. “You used to be on a show called Dawson’s Creek back in the 1900s!” Miley says (well, hollers, actually). Which launches Katie into a long, drawn out description of everybody’s favorite Capeside kid, in which she uses the word “complex” about 47 times.

Penelope at the Soup Kitchen
We fear the day when Kristen Wiig abandons “SNL” for bigger, better things, because our life will be a cold, empty place without Penelope. Our favorite exchange from Penelope’s Thanksgiving visit to the soup kitchen? Hathaway’s sweet character says, “Thanks to, I just found out that my relatives came over on the Mayflower.” Penelope is quick to inform her, “My relatives came over on the Aprilflower. So they got here one month before yours.”

Prince William gets engaged
In a genius move, Hathaway plays Kate Middleton to Andy Samberg‘s Prince William as he tells the Queen (Fred Armison) and Prince Charles (Bill Heder) that they’re engaged. But as soon as William leaves the room, the royals drop the act, speak in their “real” cockney accents, and circle Kate like Hyenas. “This ain’t ‘The Princess Diaries,'” the Queen spits. “That movie’s crap, innit?” agrees Charles. “I think it has it’s moments,” Kate squeaks.

Weekend Update
This week’s newsdesk was on point, complete with a fantastic Jay-Z impression and about a zillion perfect pop culture quips from Seth Meyers. Our faves?
On the TSA: “You know, if I wanted somebody half-heartedly patting my groin without eye contact, I’d get married.”
Charles Rangel: “The house ethics panel found Rangel guilty on 11 counts of breaking House rules, and one count of impersonating the Lorax.”
On Prince William’s engagement: “‘Well there goes my chance,’ said a lady in Ohio to her cat.”
On Sarah Palin’s new word: “There are a couple of differences between Shakespeare and Sarah Palin. For one, when Shakespeare coined new words, it wasn’t by accident. He came up with words like ‘submerge’and ‘sneak’. He didn’t just take two words that kinda mean the same thing and smash them together to make a third word that also ki
nda means the same thing. Shakespeare crafted new words. Palin got into a word fender-bender.”
On The Beatles selling their catalogue on iTunes: “I guess that’s why my dad keeps asking me to drive him to the iTunes store.”

Black Friday at Megamart
This is our worst nightmare, and also our favorite clip of the night. A Black Friday sale. “12 minutes only! Savings stampede!” The floors are waxed and mopped, the security guards have been dismissed
to make room for more customers, and there are free boxcutters at the
door to help you get at your purchases faster. (Uh… when you get
home.) We laughed out loud at Anne Hathaway as a Black Friday shopper fueled by FourLoko – America’s “premiere Hillbilly and Cholo fuel” – who has “made peace with her God” and is ready to do whatever it takes to get her hands on the 12×12 Finished in a Flash Disney Scrapbooking Kit. 

Camel Tame
Got a camel toe problem? Is there some jerk at work who tells you, “I’m sorry, I ordered chicken fingers, not Camel Toe”? We’ve got just the product for you! It’s called Camel Tame, and you can tuck it into your leggings to “create a surefit layer between your clothes and your business.” It’ll prevent anyone from being able to tell that you’re even a woman. Seriously.

snl florence 'Saturday Night Live': Anne Hathaway, Florence & the Machine, and our Black Friday nightmareFlorence & The Machine
Without a doubt, Florence kills it every. Single. Time. She was a highlight of this September’s MTV VMAs, and she’s once again proving her insane ability to make a TV performance feel like an enthralling show is happening right in your living room. Where has she been hiding all our lives? Florence performed “Dog Days” and “You’ve Got the Love” and we pretty much swooned. Hello, girlcrush.

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