snl archive yahoo 'Saturday Night Live' archives head to Yahoo, off other sitesThe treasure trove of comedy that is the 38-year archives of “Saturday Night Live” is getting a new online home.

Yahoo and Broadway Video, the company headed by “SNL” creator Lorne Michaels, have announced a deal that will bring the digital archives of the long-running series to Yahoo starting in September. When Yahoo’s hub launches, the archives — covering 1975-76 through this season — will be scrubbed from other sites like Hulu. Yahoo will also have non-exclusive rights for current episodes of the show.

“Yahoo will give ‘Saturday Night Live’ a great opportunity to expand its current digital distribution,” Broadway Video CEO Jack Sullivan says. “This deal will ensure that ‘SNL’ clips from past and future seasons will be even more accessible to fans across all generations.”

The deal gives Yahoo access to show clips dating back to the original Chevy Chase-John Belushi-Gilda Radner cast, along with behind-the-scenes footage, some musical performances and a set of dress rehearsal sketches that didn’t make it to the live show. The “SNL” archive is set to launch on Yahoo on Sept. 1.

Posted by:Rick Porter