ashton kutcher snl 320 2 'Saturday Night Live's' Ashton Kutcher, Them Crooked Vultures, 'Garth and Kat': The good, bad and weirdAshton Kutcher’s skits disappointed us on “Saturday Night Live,” but we did like new Dave Grohl’s new band Them Crooked Vultures. The Garth and Kat bit scared us a little.

Let’s just admit it. “Saturday Night Live” isn’t very funny anymore. We had high some hopes for Ashton Kutcher as host because we always enjoyed him on “That ’70s Show,” and in some of his romantic comedies but alas… it wasn’t so great.

Highlights? Lowlights? We’ll just call them “lights” included:

snl bulldog 320 'Saturday Night Live's' Ashton Kutcher, Them Crooked Vultures, 'Garth and Kat': The good, bad and weird–While the monologue (things the old and presumably “immature” Ashton would’ve found “awesome”) wasn’t that funny, it did include a bulldog on a surfboard, which is great. Unlike Monica Geller,  animals dressed as people are a-ok with us.

–The best Ashton skit of the night was Kutcher as the pool boy at the will reading of a deceased 110-year-old woman (pictured above). Apparently, the woman was riddled with various VDs and the pool boy exclaims, “No, we didn’t use protection, she was 110! What was she going to do, give birth to a ghost?” Kutcher’s delivery on that line was priceless. Plus, who doesn’t love racist-veneral-disease humor? “Oriental Fever, Soviet Hives, Crabs Rangoon, Jazz Flu.”

–There were the horrible parody of “The View,” the fake commercial for “Cialis for threeways,” the gay grape-feeding Roman slave and the rock-n-roll wedding band skits that were terrible and unfunny.

–We found the “What is ‘Burn Notice?'” game show skit to elicit the “Oh, really?” response from us because… like NBC has any room to throw stones! First of all, the joke falls flat because we know what “Burn Notice” is about. Secondly, the entire premise of the skit seemed really weird coming from a show that hasn’t been consistently funny in 10 or 15 or 20 years (depending on who you ask) and from a network that consistently finishes fourth. We realize NBC owns USA, but still.

–We did enjoy Dave Grohl’s new band Them Crooked Vultures, which is weird. Not because there’s any reason not to like the band, but just because we can’t remember the last time the musical group was the best part of “SNL.”

snl weekend update 'Saturday Night Live's' Ashton Kutcher, Them Crooked Vultures, 'Garth and Kat': The good, bad and weird–Weekend Update, the only segment of the show that consistently elicits laughter from us, was unusually weird this week.

–The Kristen Wiig/Fred Armisen singing couple sketch “Garth and Kat” is still either the stupidest thing or the most brilliant thing we’ve ever seen and we still don’t know which. Are they supposed to be playing the improv game where you have to go along with what your partner is singing or are they just pretending to play that game? Could go either way. Here’s a video of Garth and Kat from the Christmas episode if you are unfamiliar with this skit.

–The funniest bit of the entire show was the Rahm Emmanuel apology sketch. That was hilarious and brilliant, so it’s too bad it was dumped at the end of the show.

Overall, we were not terribly impressed with “Saturday Night Live” and Ashton Kutcher tonight, though that doesn’t come as a surprise to us anymore with “SNL,” which is sad.

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