betty-white-SNL.jpgBetty White is Hollywood’s (88-year-old) cool kid of the moment, and “Saturday Night Live” now has her on their roster.

NBC has yet to confirm officially but a source close to the show tells Zap2it that White signed on a couple weeks ago, and the plan at this time is for former “SNL” castmate Molly Shannon to do the show with White at some point in May.

And when asked about whether she was headed to the “SNL” stage, White herself said “Yes” while attending Elton’s John’s post-Oscar party on Sunday (March 7).

Always good for making us laugh, White had a touchdown with her Snicker’s commercial during the Super Bowl and one fan started a campaign on Facebook called “Betty White to Host SNL.” Nearly 500,000 people have joined the rallying cry.

White also recently got props from one of the most desired men in the world when Robert Pattinson called her “one of the sexiest women in America” on “The View.”

All this on the heels of White flipping the bird to Ryan Reynolds in a video, calling Barack Obama “one hot piece of man” on Craig Ferguson, and begging to do a nude scene in “The Proposal.”

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