charles barkley snl 320 'Saturday Night Live': Charles Barkley does Alicia KeysCharles Barkley definitely had his funny moments on “Saturday Night Live” — but the best moment wasn’t even on the show. Watch below.

First of all, we realize that Sir Charles does not write his own material. That being said, his sort-of-confused-stilted-deadpan delivery kept cracking us up. His opening monologue had several good lines.

When talking about hosting “SNL” 16 years ago, Barkley said back then he was in great shape and at the top of his game but “now I play bad golf, drink and sometimes get arrested.” He also took a poke at his notorious gambling habit by saying he won 20 grand on the Cowboys-Eagles game. Finally, when hitting on an “audience member” he said, “I been in the NBA a long time, I know a freaky white girl when I see one.” Snerk.

charles barkley snl  2 'Saturday Night Live': Charles Barkley does Alicia KeysThere’s a kinda funny movie-quotes-game-show skit that had a couple good laughs, particularly when the host said, “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid” and Charles responded, “You shouldn’t be lookin’ at kids, Reg.”

The best skits of the night were the on-going “MacGruber” clips where the MacGuyver rip-off got “a black friend” and was continually racist towards said black friend “Da-RELL” (that’s “Darryl”) and the Macintosh “Scared Straight Program” where Kenan Thompson and Charles Barkley kept making butt-sex-in-prison jokes and cracking up both themselves and their fellow actors.

However, the funniest thing the Round Mound of Rebound did Saturday night didn’t even air during “SNL.” During the NBC coverage of the NFL playoffs they showed a short clip of Alicia Keys performing “Empire State of Mind.” If Alicia Keys weighed 350 lbs and was going bald.

We could watch Charles Barkley lip-sync in drag all night long. It should’ve just been various incarnations of that.

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