charlie day saturday night live 'Saturday Night Live': Charlie Day, the Kardashians bring the funnyCharlie Day of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” hosted “Saturday Night Live” on Saturday, Nov. 5. What did you think of his episode?

The Good:

Host Charlie Day’s monologue was a highlight. Danny DeVito dropped by, which is always awesome, and then Day showed off his musical skills on the piano and harmonica. We actually had no idea he could do that.

The Kardashian E! special “A Fairytale Divorce” was hilarious. Nasim Pedrad was a wonderful Kim Kardashian, Abby Elliot‘s short bit as Khloe was nice and of course Kristin Wiig stole the show as Kris Jenner. We really enjoyed the other “specials” they advertised: “Bruce Jenner & Kourtney’s Baby Take Reno,” “Brody Jenner, Khloe &
Kris Take Vitamins,” and the one-hour television special “Lamar’s Penis
Revealed.” Speaking of Lamar, Jay Pharaoh briefly summed up the Kardashian clan as “whack as f***.” Heh.

Weekend Update was pretty solid. The Rick Perry cameo (Bill Hader) was funny – “Drinks are for dinks” – plus, it seemed for a second that Hader maybe was supposed to say “Aloha, Seth” and the “Hola, Seth” was an actual flub, because Hader and Meyers almost lost it, which made us laugh.

Seth’s jokes were good, especially the Closer Look at Europe bit: “Belgium has two languages and it’s the size of a Midwestern college
campus … Germany and France, Germance. If romance is two people in
love, Germance is two people staying together for their kids.” We hate that the good commentary jokes have to be interrupted by unfunny guests, like Kristin Wiig’s travel advisor lady. Talk about bringing Update to a screeching halt.

The OK:

The Greek Gods meeting to discuss the Greek economic problems was kinda funny. This made us laugh harder than it probably should have: “”Turn into a dolphin, hear me out! I have sex with a human woman, hear
me out! It’s not consensual. Hear me out! She’s my daughter.” It must have been Andy Samberg‘s delivery.

The Cee Lo sketch wasn’t terribly funny, but we did love the cuts to his horn section and the line, “People said I looked like Elton John had a baby with a thumb.”

The Kings of Catchphrase Comedy is one of those sketches that starts off unfunny but then just keeps going and going and going until you’re laughing in spite of yourself. We particularly liked “Adam ‘Hawk Attack’ Levine.”

The Not-So-Good:

The Moammar Gadhafi cold open was not funny, save for a shout-out to Condoleezza Rice. Moammar’s obsession with the former Secretary of State is well documented and that did make us laugh.

There’s a reason the “Dr. Oz Show” skit was about poop, because that’s what it was.

The Dolphin movie sketch was pretty weak and the “Seinfeld” cop who doesn’t watch TV was even worse. What a waste of Charlie Day’s comedic talents. The Kramer entrance and Soup Nazi jokes were pretty funny, but they were buried so far into the sketch that we were already too annoyed by the time they happened.

So, what did you think of the latest “SNL” episode? Videos below of some of the highlights.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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