daniel craig saturday night live 'Saturday Night Live': Daniel Craig and lesser known Bond girlsWhat did you think of the Daniel Craig-hosted “Saturday Night Live”? We didn’t think it got off to a very auspicious start.

The cold open took on the first presidential debate, which is the perfect topic for the show opening. Unfortunately, the hook of the sketch was that President Obama spent the entire time in his head worrying about his anniversary present for Michelle, or the altitude. Does anybody else think the skewering of the debate could’ve been a bit sharper?

What was actually a better debate sketch was the MSNBC reaction sketch. Jason Sudeikis as Matthews and Kenan Thompson as the Rev. Al Sharpton were delightful.

Daniel Craig’s monologue also fell a little flat. It was an In Memoriam reel of the people he’s killed in the movies he’s done, ending with a joke that he killed a real sound engineer and a dog. Hmm.

The first sketch featured Craig as an awkward construction worker who can’t ogle the passing ladies right — “two big breasty squish rags,” “she’s like a big bowl of butt soup with extra nipples and can I get that with a side of whoo whoo whoo. Yes, you can sir, your total comes to five kisses and 47 smooches. Drive up to the next window and collect that sweet, sweet heinie” and “I bet she’s got a big ol’ penis under there, too.”

That one was actually kinda funny. But we aren’t sure we’d give the first half hour a huge thumbs up. The Lesser Known Bond Girls was an OK fake commercial. It featured:

Diane Keaton in “Never Die Twice Tomorrow”
Jodie Foster in “Kill Me Once, Shame on You”
Lea Michele in “Hippopotopussy”
Molly Ringwald in “The Man Who Was a Gun”
Ellen DeGeneres in “Honey, I Killed the Spy”
Penny Marshall in “Quantum of Leap”

Fred Armisen as Penny Marshall is going to haunt our dreams, though. What did you think of the show? Video below, in case you missed it.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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