channing tatum monologue 'Saturday Night Live' gets Channing Tatum to take his shirt off. Right away.Let’s face it, when you book Channing Tatum for a job, you’re not really booking Channing Tatum. You’re booking Channing Tatum’s abs and accepting that the rest of him will accompany them.

So it’s no surprise that the “Saturday Night Live” Powers That Be had Tatum’s shirt off in the first few minutes of the Feb. 4 broadcast. Yes, his abs were on display before the monologue even ended. We approve.

We can’t say as much for the suspenders.

He opened the night with some ground rules as only a former male stripper could. “No touching. I can touch you, you can’t touch me. Tips are appreciated. The only reason I’m hosting this show is to put myself through nursing school. Three, for my safety, Big Ronnie here will be with me all night long,”

When he recognized a few former clients in the audience… we got a bit of a show. Watch for yourself.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie