miley cyrus saturday night live tongue gi 'Saturday Night Live': How many times does host Miley Cyrus' tongue appear
The fact that Miley Cyrus is both the host and the musical guest of the “Saturday Night Live” airing on Oct. 5 is important. But it is also important not to neglect Miley’s co-host — her tongue. Exactly how many times does that famous muscle make its presence known?

Find out here.

It took mere seconds for Miley to break out the tongue action during the cold open (a retrospective look at her VMA performance, which apparently signals the end of American civilization). Before “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” could be shouted, the tongue came out a total of four times.

Tongue total: 4

During her (very short) monologue, Miley Cyrus kept the live tongue action in-check. But she did show a photo from that VMAs performance, tongue in full view.

Tongue total: 5

A great disappointment followed in a pre-recorded skit about casting “50 Shades of Grey.” Cyrus played the part of Scarlett Johanssen (screen-testing with Christoph Waltz) and kept that tongue firmly in check. Not one sighting!

Tongue total: 5

Things got a little better during the “Girlfriends Talk Show” sketch. In the role of hip-hop girl Lil’ Teeny, Miley got in both a tongue appearance and a brief twerk.

Tongue total: 6

Tongue exposure hit a high right after this — playing Michele Bachmann and John Boehner respectively, Miley Cyrus and Taran Killam sang “We Did Stop the Government,” complete with much tongue action. Both actors stuck out their tongues 8 times apiece.

Tongue total: 14 (plus 8)

“Piers Morgan Live” had only a few seconds of Miley. That might be why she didn’t have time to stick out her tongue. Crazy Miley fans had to be content with nothing more than a “2016” bra.

Tongue total: 14 (plus 8)

The first musical performance of the night ended up being kind of surreal — Miley Cyrus, fully clothed, singing “Wrecking Ball” with loads of passion and a minimum of gratuitous sexuality. Who knew the song was so good?

Tongue total: 14 (plus 8)

A short skit about aliens stealing the moon while cheerleaders introduce themselves (no, it doesn’t make sense when you watch it either) sadly offered no tongues at all. Talk about a missed opportunity!

Tongue total: 14 (plus 8)

Two skits — “Mornin’ Miami” and “Poetry Class” — passed by with nary a tongue in sight. Granted, Miley might have hidden her tongue behind a black wig in that second one. We’ll call this half a tongue maybe.

Tongue total: 14.5 (plus 8)

A rather pretty and acoustic version of “We Can’t Stop” made up Cyrus’ second musical act. Tongues would not have been appropriate here.

Tongue total: 14.5 (plus 8)

The final skit of the night was some sort of sexual fantasy in which Miley Cyrus fulfilled a guy’s every dream before deciding to sleep with his brother. Did we catch a bit of tongue action while the young lady made out? We’re going to go with yes.

Tongue total: 15.5 (plus 8)

And that was all for “Saturday Night Live.” But it was not all for the tongue. One final appearance sneaked in right after Miley said her goodnight.

Final tongue total: 16.5 (plus 8)

That’s a lot of tongue. Did we miss any?

Posted by:Laurel Brown