james franco snl 320 'Saturday Night Live': James Franco kills it on last new 'SNL' of 2009

James Franco delivered on “Saturday Night Live” this week.

The Columbia student poked fun at his TMZ photo, showcased his singing/dancing abilities and wasn’t afraid to put on footie pajamas for a “Twizzle Wizzle Show” kids show spoof  that ended in Franco killing the child-like ensemble members.

But perhaps the best part of the evening — Franco’s sexuality. In one skit, Franco was all about locking lips with “SNL” cast members as a member of an overly affectionate family.

In Vincent Price’s Christmas Special, Franco impersonates the late great James Dean (the actor he’s often been compared to and played in a TV movie) next to Fred Armisen’s Liberace, who talks Dean into a particular sexual act that could be performed at the piano.

Franco even extends his love to Christmas trees named Beth. The love never stops with this guy. He gives, and gives … anywho, that scene was on par with the opening monologue, where Franco mentioned how the public, including his family, see his role on ABC’s “General Hospital” as a step back in his career. He jokingly chalked that decision up to a suggestion from his fans.

Other recommendations pulled from the raffle-like box: Franco doing another “Spider-Man” film; playing a dead body on “Law & Order” and picking a Midwestern town to visit and have sex with every woman in it. And FYI: Franco says he checked off that last suggestion last year. See for yourself…

Posted by:Darcel Rockett